Marketing Ideas for a Freelance Writing Business

How many marketing ideas for your freelance writing business do you have? As a business owner, your success heavily relies on how much you can promote and market your business – with that being said, here are a few tips to help answer your questions about marketing your writing business.

Tip 1: Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone

One highly overlooked method to market your freelance writing business is by picking up the phone and just calling people; sure, it’s cold calling but you must hustle to get your name out there. Eventually, with enough calls, you may get people to bite – you’ve successfully landed additional work!

Tip 2: Hand out business cards (it still works!)

Going old school – never forget that a lot of business is still found through business cards. Make it known to whom you’re talking to that you’re interested in helping their business instead of vice versa – make a great report and you could land a new gig just by being the approachable person and the ‘go-getter’.

Tip 3: Create your own online portfolio or blog

Social proof is not just a buzzword; it’s a way of life now. Forget the traditional resume because in today’s world you need to show proof of your work – online. Create your own blog or website where you can display your expertise and each visitor that comes to your site could turn into a future client.

Tip 4: Stay alert to business related keywords

Because you’re a business owner you must understand that you must take action in order to thrive – take action today by keeping up to date and alert to keywords which you can monitor to help you land clients and gigs. Use Twitter search and Google Alerts to find people on the web asking for help or looking for hire.

Tip 5: Write guest posts and articles for websites

Marketing your freelance writing business can easily be accomplished by showing your expertise on other blogs and websites. Writing on other sites will put you in front of a new community – many of them could be future clients!

Tip 6: Just ask

Believe it or not, many people are constantly looking for fresh content for their websites; all you have to do is ask them – if they say no than no worries but if they say yes you could land a new writing gig!


You have to hustle and get out there at all times; you can’t give up just from being shot down, market your business every day as if your life depended on it – because it really does! Use each of these tips to help you find new gigs on your next endeavor.