Why Developing a Freelance Writing Portfolio is Important

The career of a freelance writer continues to evolve over the years but if there’s one thing that’s stuck as a tradition it’s a portfolio. Having your own freelance writing portfolio isn’t entirely important in today’s world because we have online profiles but there are clients that demand the classic approach to hiring. The following are five benefits you can gain by putting together a freelance writing portfolio.

Benefit 1: Display your expertise

The first and most obvious benefit of having a portfolio is that you’ll be able to share your expertise with whoever decides to look upon it. Instead of trying to explain everything over the phone or in an email, you can let your portfolio do the talking for you.

Benefit 2: Show social proof

In an online world, social proof is the new portfolio. People can write all they want about their accomplishments but when you’re able to include actual social proof as part of your results that just means you’re more likely to land the job. Listing clients, showing screenshots and pointing potential clients to where they can find additional information and contacts could be the difference between landing the job or not.

Benefit 3: Leverage your connections

Sometimes a single name drop can be all that’s needed to land a freelance writing job. If you’ve worked with a major publisher or client whom the new one knows than you’re already a leg up on the competition. People want to see that you’ve stepped up your writing and went after the best; this means the client will know you deliver what you promise.

Benefit 4: Share your results

In the end, people want to see results. Your freelance writing portfolio will be able to show previous results to new, potential clients. As competition becomes fierce as you progress in your writing career you’ll need everything you can get to land the client. Let your portfolio speak for itself by displaying what you’ve already accomplished and what you’ve gained for your clients.

Benefit 5: Market your services

A portfolio does more than just display your skills; it helps market them to potential clients. Displaying your job listings, you’ll be able to show a potential client who you’ve worked with before and distribute it around the world so it works like your own advertising agency – with your portfolio out there, it can be working 24/7 online to bring you new work.